Dr. Suja Haridas received her Bachelor degree from University of Calicut and Post Graduate degree in Chemistry from Department of Applied Chemistry, CUSAT in 1996 and 1998 respectively. She obtained her Ph.D from Department of Applied Chemistry, Cochin University of Science and Technology under the supervision of Dr. S.Sugunan(Title: Studies on Catalysis by Transition Metal Promoted Sulphated Zirconia).
Her research experiance includes working as CSIR Research Associate at Department of Applied Chemistry, Cochin University of Science and Technology (October 2003 to Aug 2005).Her teaching career comprises of working as Lecturer (Contract), Department of Applied Chemistry, in CUSAT, as an Assistant Professor, N.S.S College, Nemmara and Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, CUSAT till date.Her research interests include Heterogenous and Photocatalaysis, Nanomaterials for energy and environmental applications and polymer nanocomposites.

• Development of graphitic carbon nitride/porphyrin based photocatalysts for water splitting.
• Development of Supported sulfonic acid for fine chemical synthesis
• Catlytic Applications based on Heteropoly acid

• Strontium titanate aided water splitting: An overview of current scenario, Rosmy Joy, Suja Haridas, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 46(2), 2021, 1879-1903.
• Enhanced nonlinear absorption and efficient optical limiting action of a few 1,3,4- oxadiazole-based donor-acceptor systems, T M Remya, E Shiju, P P Shandev, K Chandrasekharan, Suja Haridas, P.A Unnikrishnan, Journal of Materials Science, 56, 2021, 3035.
• Effect of substituents on the fluorescent quenching of a few (anthracen-9-yl) methananmines, Rani Mathew, Rekha R Mallia, Jomon P Jacob, Suja Haridas, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A, 397, 2020, 112552.
• Recent Progresses in prophyrin mediated hydrogen evolution, Merin Joseph, Suja Haridas, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 45(21), 2020, 11954.
• Copper oxide modified SBA-15 for the selective vapour phase dehydrogenation of cyclohexanol to cyclohexanone, Chandralayam Soumini, Sankaran Sugunan, Suja Haridas, J. Porous Mater., 26(3) 2019, 631-640.
• Visible light induced photocatalytic activity of polyaniline modified TiO2 and Clay- TiO2 composites, Sandhya K P, Suja Haridas, S Sugunan, Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering and Catalysis, 8(2) 2013, 145.

Invited Talk - Electrochemical Two electron water oxidation to form hydrogen peroxide catalyzed by Silicon Porphyrins 3rd International Symposium on Hydrogen Energy‒based Society, August 22-23, 2018, Tokyo, Japan.
CSJ Presentation Award- Silicon porphyrins for electrochemical water activation 97th Annual Meeting Chemical Society of Japan, March 16-19, 2017, Yokohama, Japan.
General Talk - Artificial Photosynthesis - Approaches and Bottlenecks CUSAT Knowledge Forum Talk, January17, 2018, CUSAT, Kerala, India.

• Chemical Kinetics
• Statistical Thermodynamics
• Classical Thermodynamics
• Instrumental methods of analysis

• Visible light sensitive TiO2- polyaniline nanocomposites for photocatalytic applications.(Completed)
• Synthesis and Characterisation of Titania Nanocomposites for Photocatalytic Applications.(Completed)
• Dye Encapsulated Mesoporous Materials- Photophysical and Photochemical Evaluation.(Completed)