MSc Chemistry

Core and Elective: 50Marks for Continuous Evaluation and 50 Marks for End Semester Examination

End Semester Examination Evaluation by Course Teacher and 45% separate pass minimum

Continuous Evaluation for all Lab Courses 

Fourth Semester Research Project : Project work at National Laboraotries, IISC, IITs or IISERs, Continuous evaluation and end semester Viva-voce.

Continuous Evaluation - Total 50 Marks

Two written examination: 15 Marks Each

Assignments and Attendance: 10 Marks

Viva-Voce : 10 Marks

M. Tech. Industrial Catalysis

For Core and Elective courses evaluation is by continuous Evaluation

M. Phil. Chemistry

First Semester :

Continuous Evaluation 60 Marks for courses CHE 4101, 4103 and 4104 A-M; 100Marks for CHE4102

End Semester Examination (Internal); 40 Marks for courses CHE 4101, 4103 and 4104 A-M

Second Semester: 

Continuous Evaluation:

CHE4201 100 Marks 

End Semester Examination:

CHE4201 300 Marks (200 marks for Dissertation & 100 Marks for Viva-Voce. Both these evaluations shall be done by the internal and external examiners)