MSc Projects

M.Sc. Projects 2008-2015


  1.   Akshay K, M. Sc, 2016, “Synthesis and cation extraction studies of end functionalised podands”, Name of Supervisor: Dr. K M Sureshan, Institution: IISER, Trivandrum
  2. Aswath K Ramesh, M. Sc, 2016, “Synthesis and characterisation of Diels Alder products of anthracene and N alkyl maleimides” , Name of Supervisor: Dr. Rahul Banerjee, Institution: NCL, Pune
  3. Jais Kurian, M. Sc, 2016, “Phytochemical investigation of hopea Ponga and andrographis poniculata”, Name of Supervisor: Dr. K V Radhakrishnan, Institution: NIIST, Trivandrum
  4. Sreejith S, M. Sc, 2016, “Synthesis, characterisation and photophysical studies of aryl substituted pentacenes and attempted synthesis of new bent-pentacene derivatives” , Name of Supervisor: Dr. Mahesh Hariharan, Institution: IISER, Trivandrum
  5. Ambily P S, M. Sc, 2016, “Investigation of single cell lipid profiling of scenedesmus quadricauda under nitrogen starved condition by surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) platform”, Name of Supervisor: Dr. Kaustabh Kumar Maiti & Dr. Muthu Arumugam, Institution: NIIST, Trivandrum
  6. Anjana Jayaprakash P, M. Sc, 2016, “A novel N-heterocyclic carbine catalysed synthesis of highly functionalised chromene-2,5-diones”, Name of Supervisor: Dr. G. Vijay Nair, Institution: NIIST, Trivandrum
  7. Anju Sebastian, M. Sc, 2016, “Hydrogen bonded supramolecular architechtures in hexaaquamanganese(II) complex based on 4,6 di-(1H-tetrazol-lyl)-1,3,5-triazin-2-ol ligand: Synthesis and characterisation”, Name of Supervisor : Prof. S. Natarajan , Institution: IISc, Bangalore
  8. Aswathi T K, M. Sc, 2016, “Control of crystallanity and porosity in COf’s through tuning ligand planarity”, Name of Supervisor: Dr. Rahul Banerjee, Institution: NCL, Pune
  9. Aswathy R, M. Sc, 2016, “Design, synthesis and photophysical studies of a covalently linked tris(2,2’-bipyridyl) ruthenium(II)-pyrene-pyromelliticdiimide triad” , Name of Supervisor : Dr. K R Gopidas, Institution: NIIST, Trivandrum
  10. Deepthi T B, M. Sc, 2016, “Rectification of charge transport in redox active conducting polymers”, Name of Supervisor: Dr. Muhammed Mustafa, Institution: IISER, Pune
  11. Gouthami P G, M. Sc, 2016, “Synthesis and cation exchenge binding studies of end functionalised podands”, Name of Supervisor: Dr. K.M Sureshan, Institution: IISER, Trivandrum
  12. Hasna M A, M. Sc, 2016, “Photocatalytic degradation of endocrine disruptors by ZnO/ZnS solid solutions”, Name of Supervisor : Dr. C.S Gopinath, Institution: NCL, Pune
  13. Jinsha Venugopal N M, M. Sc, 2016, “Schiff base complexes of Mn-III derived from acetylacetone and benzoylacetone”, Name of Supervisor: Prof. M V Rajasekharan , Institution: University of Hyderabad
  14. Karthika R, M. Sc, 2016, “Synthesis, crystal structure and spectral studies of MnIII Schiff base complexes derived from benzoyl acetone”, Name of Supervisor: Prof. M V Rajasekharan, Institution: University of Hyderabad
  15. Majidha Sherim T, M. Sc, 2016, “Design and syntheis of oligothiophene barbituric acid conjugates: A novel aggregation induced emissive luminogen”, Name of Supervisor: Dr. K Thilagar , Institution: IISc, Bangalore
  16. Rasheeda K M, M. Sc, 2016, “Synthesis and preliminary characterisation of BTD based low band gap small molecules for organic solar cell applications”, Name of Supervisor: Dr. K. Yoosaf , Institution: NIIST, Trivandrum
  17. Sa Ada Farhana T M, M. Sc, 2016, “Gram scale synthesis of an antibiotic natural product hunanamycin A”, Name of Supervisor: Dr. D Srinivasa Reddy, Institution: NCL, Pune
  18. Sindhu T M, M. Sc, 2016, “Tuning the tolerance factor of formamidinium based hybrid perovskites by cesium doping” , Name of Supervisor: Dr. Vijayakumar C Nair, Institution: NIIST, Trivandrum
  19. Siva Ganga K C, M. Sc, 2016, “Effect of cerium oxide loading on carbon monoxide oxidation activity of Au-CeO2/SiO2 system”, Name of Supervisor: Dr. Vinod C Prabhakaran , Institution: NCL, Pune
  20. Sruthi Sudhakar, M. Sc, 2016, “Activation and transformation of CO2 on single metal atom embedded pristine boron nitride nano tube- A computational study”, Name of Supervisor: Prof. B Viswanathan , Institution: IIT, Madras
  21. Hitha P P, M. Sc, 2016, “Design of phenothiazine- diphenyl amine derivatives for electrochromic applications”, Name of Supervisor: Dr. Joshy Joseph , Institution: NIIST, Trivandrum
  22. Resmi E V, M. Sc, 2015, “Exploring Thorpe Ingold Effect in Imine –Based Dynamic Covalent Cage Formation”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. G.J Sanjayan, Institution: NCL, Pune
  23. Shebeeb K.H, M. Sc, 2015, “Synthesis of Covalent Organic Hollow Spheres Via Self Templated Method” , Name of Supervisor:Dr. Rahul Banerjee , Institution: NCL, Pune
  24. Aswathy P.T, M. Sc, 2015, “Synthesis Of Γ-Fe2O3 Nanoparticles Integrated Hydrogen Titanate Nano-Sheets as a Maganetically Seperable Dye –Removal Catalyst”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. Satyajit Shukla, Institution: NIIST, TVM
  25. Thasleena Panakkal, M. Sc, 2015, “Morphology Controlled Synthesis and Photocatalytic Activity of ZnO Nanostructures” , Name of Supervisor:Dr. Renuka N K, Institution: University of Calicut
  26. Resha Kasim V C, M. Sc, 2015, “Design and Synthesis of Ndi –Based Photochromic Metal- Organic Frameworks”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. Rahul Banerjee , Institution: NCL, Pune
  27. Fathima Pilathottathil, M. Sc, 2015, “Design and Synthesis of Novel Azido Terpyridine Phenylene Derivatives for Multi-Responsive Hybrid Metal Complex-DNA Conjugates” , Name of Supervisor:Dr. Joshy Joseph, Institution: NIIST, TVM
  28. Remya Ramakrishnan, M. Sc, 2015, “Synthesis, Characterisation,Photophysical and Electron Transfer Studies of 9,10-Bis(Phenylethynyl)-2,5-Di-tert-Butylanthracene-Phenothiazine Dyad”, Name of Supervisor: Dr. K R Gopidas, Institution: NIIST, TVM
  29. Snigdha K, M. Sc, 2015, “Functionalization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Studies of Their Applications in Hydrogen Storage And Catalytic Hydrogenation Of Nitrobenzene”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. S. P Gokhalee , Institution: NCL, Pune
  30. Santhi V, M. Sc, 2015, “Towards the Synthesis of Ilicicolinic Acid A”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. D Sreenivasa Reddy, Institution: NCL, Pune
  31. Athira P, M. Sc, 2015, “Investigation of Cytochrome C and Phospholipid Interactions Using Absorption Circular Dichroism and Transient Absorption Spectroscopy”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. Karunakaran Venugopal, Institution: NIIST, TVM
  32. Divya Unni, M. Sc, 2015, “Naphthalene Tetra Carboxylicbisimide(NTCB) Functionalized Graphene:High Perfomance Cathod Material for Lithium Battery” , Name of Supervisor:Dr. M. M. Shajumon, Institution: IISER, TVM
  33. Ananjana K, M. Sc, 2015, “A Coumarin –Based Fluorescent Motif for the Indused Assembly of Peptides”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. G. J Sanjayan, Institution: NCL, Pune
  34. Anju Nair, M. Sc, 2015, “Controlled Nucleation of Halobismathate Chains” , Name of Supervisor: Dr. Ajay Venugopal, Institution: IISER, TVM
  35. Varsha M. V, M. Sc, 2015, “Steam Reforming of Ethanol on Nickel Substituted CeAlO3 Perovskites”, Name of Supervisor: Dr. C. V. V Satyanarayana , Institution: NCL, Pune
  36. Sreenavya. A, M. Sc, 2015, “Synthesis,Chracterization and Catalytic Activity Study of Hyrarchial Titanosilicate” , Name of Supervisor: Dr. D Sreenivas, Institution: NCL, Pune
  37. Tincymol. C K, M. Sc, 2015, “Efficient Synthesis of Gamma Valerolactone from Biomass Derived Levulinic Acid” , Name of Supervisor: Dr. C. V. V Satyanarayana, Institution: NCL, Pune
  38. Athira Krishnan, M. Sc, 2015, “Chromium Oxide Supported Silica for the Selective Oxidation of Cyclohexane to Cyclohexanone”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. Vinod C Prabhakaran , Institution: NCL, Pune
  39. Jumailath A V, M. Sc, 2015, “Synthesis And Preliminary Characterisation of BDT-Thienothiophene Rhodanine Based A-D-A System: A Potential Candidate For Organic Solar Cells”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. K Yoosaf, Institution: NIIST, TVM
  40. Sajna V, M. Sc, 2015, “Porous Carbon With In-Situ Formed Polymer Gel for High Performance Solid State Super Capacitors”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. K. Sreekumar , Institution: NCL, Pune
  41. Saifunisa Kuruvankunnan, M. Sc, 2015, “Topochemical Synthesis of Triazol Linked Glucose Polymers”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. Kana M Sureshan , Institution: IISER, TVM
  42. Nimisha G, M. Sc, 2015, “Palladium Catalysed C-H Activation /Oxidative Cyclisation of Enamides with Diazabicyclic Olifins: Concise Accces to Cyclopentene Fused 2-Pyrollenes” , Name of Supervisor:Dr. K V Radhakrishnan, Institution: NIIST, TVM
  43. Abdul Khayum, M. Sc, 2014, “The effect of intramolecular hydrogen bonding in crystallinity and porosity of porphyrin containing covalent organic framework”, Name of Supervisor: Dr. Rahul Banerjee , Institution: NCL, Pune
  44. Afeefa Ummer Neelambra, M. Sc, 2014, “Encapsulation of palladium nanoparticles in carbon matrix: A general approach towards stabilization”, Name of Supervisor:Prof. B.R. Jagirdar , Institution: IISc, Bangalore
  45. Anila S. Nair, M. Sc, 2014, “Synthesis, characterization and photoluminescence properties of phosphorescent iridium based RGB emitters by using 4-(dimethylamino)picolinic acid as a new ancillary ligand”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. M.L.P. Reddy, Institution: NIIST, Trivandrum
  46. Ashil S., M. Sc, 2014, “Synthesis of novel benzothiazole derivatives as G-quadruplex DNA stabilizing agents”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. Pradeepkumar P.I. , Institution: IIT, Bombay
  47. Aswathi C.S., M. Sc, 2014, “Synthesis and characterization of binuclear Cu(II) double stranded helicate and its role as catalyst in nitoaldol reaction” , Name of Supervisor:Dr. P.S. Subramanian , Institution: CSMCRI, Gujarath
  48. Betsy K.J, M. Sc, 2014, “Silica encapsulated and ceria decorated large trisoctahedral gold nanoparticles: synthesis, characterization and catalysis”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. Vinod C. Prabharkaran, Institution: NCL, Pune
  49. Divya P.I, M. Sc, 2014, “Solvent extraction behaviour of some fission product elements with 1.1M TiAP/n-tetradecane from nitric acid media and pectrophotometric studies on the determination of zirconium”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. A. Suresh , Institution: IGCAR, Kalpakam
  50. Elizabeth Mariam Thomas, M. Sc, 2014, “Charge transfer dynamics in CdSe/ZnS core/shell quantum rods and quantum dots”, Name of Supervisor:Prof. George Thomas, Institution: IISER, Trivandrum
  51. Hasna P.P., M. Sc, 2014, “Carbon nanohorn induced oxygen reduction activity of iron oxide encapsulated nitrogen doped carbon nanotubes synthesized from melamine”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. K. Sreekumar, Institution: NCL, Pune
  52. Krishana Priya K.C, M. Sc, 2014, “Interaction of uranium with sugars and food: A mass spectrometric study”, Name of Supervisor:Prof. T. Pradeep , Institution: IIT, Madras
  53. Muhamed Ashraf C, M. Sc, 2014, “Interaction of the phenothiazinium dye Azure A with ribonucleic acids”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. G. Suresh Kumar , Institution: IICB, Kolkata
  54. Neethu K.M, M. Sc, 2014, “DMAP catalyzed intramolecular cyclization of phenol substituted fulvene derived azabicyclic olefins: A synthetic route to cyclopentene fused chromene derivatives”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. K. V. Radhakrishnan , Institution: NIIST, Trivandrum
  55. Neethu Mohan, M. Sc, 2014, “Efficient counter electodes for dye sensitized solar cells using polyethylene dioxy thiophene-insight to the role of dopants in the polymer for tri-iodide reduction activity”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. Sreekumar Kurungot , Institution: NCL, Pune
  56. Nitha P.R, M. Sc, 2014, “synthesis, characterization and fluorescene quenching study of fluorescent imidazolium salts for the recognition of picric acid and anions in solution”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. P.S. Mukerjee, Institution: IISc, Bangalore
  57. Saranya V.T., M. Sc, 2014, “Photocatalytic water splitting activity of layered oxides InGaO3ZnOm (m=1-4)”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. R. Nandini Devi, Institution: NCL, Pune
  58. Seena V, M. Sc, 2014, “Transition metal complexes of thiosemicarbazone derived from 2-benzoylpyridine-syntheses, structural and spectral characterization” , Name of Supervisor:Prof. M.R. Prathapachandra Kurup, Institution: CUSAT, Kochi
  59. Shijin N.V, M. Sc, 2014, “Mutation studies on protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B”, Name of Supervisor:Prof. G. Mugesh, Institution: IISc, Bangalore
  60. Sidheekha M.P, M. Sc, 2014, “Palladium catatlyzed decarbozylative addition of allyl carbonates and allyl acetoacetate to isatin”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. K. V. Radhakrishnan, Institution: NIIST, Trivandrum
  61. Sruthi P.K., M. Sc, 2014, “Extraction of Uranium and Lanthnides from chloride salt matrix using supercritical fluids”, Name of Supervisor: Dr. N. Sivaraman , Institution: IGCAR, Kalpakam
  62. Sumitha Paul, M. Sc, 2014, “Electrochemical synthesis, characterization and application of fluorescent gold atomic clusters”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. T. Prasada Rao, Institution: NIIST, Trivandrum
  63. Aswathy Ajayakumar, M. Sc, 2013, “Adsorption characteristics and reactivity of Bimetallic Pt, Pd subnanao clusters or DMFCA DFT based computational study” , Name of Supervisor:Dr. K.Selvaraj, Institution: CSIR-NCLPune
  64. Aswathy M.N, M. Sc, 2013, “Studies toward the total synthesis of antithelminitic oxylipids”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. C.V.Ramanna, Institution: CSIR-NCL Pune
  65. Athulya T.C, M. Sc, 2013, “Acetonitrile-water Hydrogen bonded Interaction:A matrix isolation infrared and ab initio study”, Name of Supervisor:Dr.K Sundararajan, Institution: IGCAR
  66. Kalpakkam
  67. Fathimakutty K, M. Sc, 2013, “Thermal stability o bimetallic PtPd subnano clusters for DMFC:A molecular Dynamics study”, Name of Supervisor:Dr.K. Selvaraj, Institution: CSIR-NCL PUNE
  68. Fredi Francis, M. Sc, 2013, “Switchable C-H alkenylation and alkylation of 2-(Benzofuran-2-yl)pyridines ; Synthesis of focussed small molecule library” , Name of Supervisor:Dr. C.V.Ramanna, Institution: CSIR-NCL Pune
  69. Jamsheena v, M. Sc, 2013, “Towards the synthesis of c-disaccharide analogues of cell all Ag complex of M.Tuberculosis”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. C.V.Ramanna , Institution: CSIR-NCL Pune
  70. Manila O.V, M. Sc, 2013, “Simultaneous Generation of nanoporous graphene and photoluminiscent graphene quatum dots by simple chemical oxidative treatment” , Name of Supervisor:Dr.K.Sreekumar, Institution: CSIR-NCL Pune
  71. Manu S, M. Sc, 2013, “Synthesis and characterisation of reduced graphene oxide reinforcing effect on epoxy resins”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. P.M Sabura Beegum, Institution: DAC,CUSAT
  72. Meenu P.L, M. Sc, 2013, “Synthesis of Au/PT/TiO2 nanotube composite through hydothermal and photodeposition method”, Name of Supervisor:DR. C.S. Gopinath, Institution: CSIR-NCL Pune
  73. Nadeem Hassan K, M. Sc, 2013, “Solvent and concentration dependence in the reaction of anthracene and phenyl appended tertiary amines with dimethyl acetylenedicarboxylate”, Name of Supervisor:Dr.S.Prathapan, Institution: DAC,
  74. CUSAT
  75. Pranav K.G, M. Sc, 2013, “Nitrogen Doped Three Dimensional (3-D)Graphene with Carbon Nitride Backbone As an Efficient Non-Metallic Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Acid Medium”, Name of Supervisor:Dr.K.Sreekumar , Institution: CSIR-NCL Pune
  76. Riswan. C, M. Sc, 2013, “Degradation Study of curcumin 1&2 in biologically relevant pH”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. P.V. Mohanan, Institution: DAC,
  77. CUSAT
  78. Rubaiyath P, M. Sc, 2013, “Optimisation of reaction conditions of polyol process of the Platinum nanoparticles”, Name of Supervisor:Dr B.L.V.Prasad, Institution: CSIR-NCL Pune
  79. Sajitha P, M. Sc, 2013, “Synthesis and characterisation of Doped metal selenide nanostructures and investigation of their magnetic properties” , Name of supervisor:Dr.Pankaj Poddar, Institution: CSIR-NCL Pune
  80. Soumya T, M. Sc, 2013, “Probing the effect of pore size and philicity on the binding of donors to viologen silica”, Name of Supervisor:Prof. M. Eswaramoorthy , Institution: CPMU,JNCASR Bangalore
  81. Sreeshma N. V, M. Sc, 2013, “Synthesis and spectral characterisation of copper complexes derived from ketone basedN(3)ethylthiosemicarbazone”, Name of Supervisor:Dr.M.R.P.Kurup, Institution: DAC,
  82. CUSAT
  83. Suhada K. M, M. Sc, 2013, “Development of fluorescent sensor for the selective determination of tetracycline”, Name of Supervisor:Dr.K. Girish Kumar, Institution: DAC,CUSAT
  84. Varun S, M. Sc, 2013, “Triazine Derivative as organocatalyst for Michael Addition reactions”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. N.Manoj, Institution: DAC,CUSAT
  85. Aishwarya C.V, M. Sc, 2012, “Bis(benzimidazole) containing mixed ligand Cobalt(III) complexes as anion receptors”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. Balachandran Unni Nair, Institution: CLRI, Chennai
  86. Jeena M.T, M. Sc, 2012, “Fluorescent tagging of Silk Fibroin by grafting approach”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. Asha S.K , Institution: NCL, Pune
  87. Krishnapriya A.B., M. Sc, 2012, “Synthesis of DNA G-Quadrupolex stabilizing agents based on Aurone Derivatives”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. PradeepKumar P.I. , Institution: IIT, Mumbai
  88. Manoj C.P, M. Sc, 2012, “Transition metal modified titania systems for photocatalysis and C-C coupling reactions”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. S. Sugunan, Institution: CUSAT, Cochin
  89. Marlyn Mary Xavier, M. Sc, 2012, “Ion Recognition by Glycoconjugates:Absorption and Emission studies”, Name of Supervisor:Prof. C.P.Rao, Institution: IIT, Mumbai
  90. Nabeela Kallayi, M. Sc, 2012, “A General Strategy towards the total synthesis of Viridamine A”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. Subhash Ghos , Institution: IICT, Hyderabad
  91. Nikitha Perinchery, M. Sc, 2012, “Gum Acacia-A Natural Polysaccharide:Bioinspired Synthesis of Morphologically Controlled Barium Carbonate Nanocrysttalites”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. B. Sreedhar, Institution: IICT, Hyderabad
  92. Parvathy K., M. Sc, 2012, “Insertion of CuA Domain of Cytochrome ba3 in the structure of Cytochrome C552”, Name of Supervisor:Prof. S. Mazumdar, Institution: TIFR, Mumbai
  93. Aishwarya P.M, M. Sc, 2012, “Synthesis, Characterization and ORR activity of nitrogen doped carbon nanofibres”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. Sreekumar Kurungot , Institution: NCL, Pune
  94. Husna Panayampadam, M. Sc, 2012, “Conformational and Structural Analysis of Calix[6]arene systems-A DFT based study”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. K. Selvaraj , Institution: NCL, Pune
  95. Remya Ramesh, M. Sc, 2011, “Synthesis and evaluation of carbohydrate appended hydrazine cyclopentenes with triazole linker”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. K. V. Radhakrishnan, Institution:National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, Trivandrum
  96. Della Therese Davis, M. Sc, 2011, “One pot synthetic protocol towards bimetallic coreshell nanocomposite”, Name of Supervisor:Prof. Balaji R. Jagirdar, Institution:Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  97. Saranya.S, M. Sc, 2011, “Synthesis and study of a photochromic molecule” , Name of Supervisor:Dr. A. Ajayaghosh, Institution:National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, Trivandrum
  98. Bindhya.M.Babu, M. Sc, 2011, “Heterogenization of palladium complexes over mesoporous SBA-15 material for coupling reaction”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. A. P. Singh, Institution:National Chemical Laboratory, Pune
  99. Ahamed Irshad. M, M. Sc, 2011, “Iron nitride doped carbon nanofiber as alternative electrocatalyst and efficient catalyst support for low temperature fuel cells” , Name of Supervisor:Dr. Sreekumar Kurungot, Institution:National Chemical Laboratory, Pune
  100. Indu.P, M. Sc, 2011, “Hydrogen Bond Radii”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. E. Arunan, Institution:Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  101. Sharath.K, M. Sc, 2011, “An attempt to utilize Garratt-Braverman cyclization for synthetic experiments”, Name of Supervisor:Prof. Amit Basak, Institution:Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
  102. Shareefa. T, M. Sc, 2011, “Fluoride mediated desilylation of anthracene derivatives-A kinetic approach”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. Mahesh Hariharan Institution:Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Trivandrum
  103. Sudheesh. K.V, M. Sc, 2011, “A general strategy towards the total synthesis of (+)-Lentiginosine(-)-8a-epi-swainsonine,(1S,3R)-3-hydroxypipecolic acid and (1R,3R)-3-hydroxy-1-hydroxy methyl piperidine”, Name of Supervisor:Dr. Subhash GhoshInstitution:Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad
  104. Rakhi.R, M. Sc, 2011, “Synthesis and characterisation of noncleavable and cleavable linkers for targeted anticancer active therapeutics”, Name of Supervisor:Prof. A. G. Samuelson, Institution:Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  105. Sreenithya. A, M. Sc, 2011, “Computational investigations on asymmetric aldol reactions of titanium enolates”, Name of Supervisor:Prof. R. B. Sunoj, Institution:Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
  106. Nijamudheen A, M. Sc, 2010, “Computational Study of Structures and Properties of Gold Nanoparticles”, Name of supervisor; Dr. Ayan Datta, Institution; IISER, Trivandrum
  107. Suma Susan Thomas, M. Sc, 2010, “Spectroscopic Studies on Isopropylthioxanthone and its Inclusion Complex with Beta-Cyclodextrin”, Name of supervisor; Prof. S. Umapathy, Institution; IISc, Bangalore
  108. Krishnadas K.R, M. Sc, 2010, “Investigations of Pristine and Functional Nickel Nanowires”, Name of supervisor; Prof. T. Pradeep, Institution; IIT, Madras
  109. Suja Subramanian,M. Sc, 2010, “Characterization of Anticancer Active Copper Complexes Formed by Pyrrolidine Dithiocarboxylic Acid”, Name of supervisor; Dr. M. L. P. Reddy, Institution; NIIST, Trivandrum
  110. Shyni Peter,M. Sc, 2010, “Synthesis of Dipeptides and Tripeptides as proposed inhibitors of Angiotersin Converting Enzyme”, Name of supervisor; Prof. G. Mugesh, Institution; IISc. Bangalore
  111. Ajith P. M, M. Sc, 2010, “Design, Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Conductive Thiophene Derivatives”, Name of supervisor; Dr. A. Ajayaghosh, Institution; NIIST, Trivandrum
  112. Neema P. M, M. Sc, 2010, “Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Macrocyclic Ru (III) Complexes”, Name of supervisor; Dr. P. S. Mukherjee, Institution; IISc. Bangalore
  113. Divya Mohan R, M. Sc, 2010, “Reactions of Huisgen Zwitter Ions with Diphenyl Cyclopropanones, A Novel Synthesis of Oxazinone Derivatives”, Name of supervisor; Dr. G. Vijay Nair, Institution; NIIST, Trivandrum
  114. Sunitha Subramanian,M. Sc, 2010, “Synthesis, Characterization and Optical Properties of Environmentally Benign Bismuth Doped Cerium Silicate Yellow Pigments”, Name of supervisor; Dr. M. L. Reddy, Institution; NIIST, Trivandrum
  115. Rentona Raleigh Crowther, M. Sc, 2010, “Heterogenization of Organometallic Complexes over Periodic Mesoporous Silica Material for Hydrogenation Reaction”, Name of supervisor; Dr. A.P. Singh, Institution; NCL Pune
  116. Bhagysh V. B, M. Sc, 2010, “High Surface Area Palladium Systems Developed by Dispersing Palladium Nanoparticles on the Walls of Hollow Carbon Nanofiber”, Name of supervisor; Dr. Sreekumar Kurungot, Institution; NCL Pune