Dr. S. Sugunan


Official Address

Professor (Adjunct)
Dept. Of Applied Chemistry
Cusat, Kochi–682022
Ph: 91 484 286 2428  E-Mail: ssg (at)

Home Address

Sruthy, Grace Gardens, Kochi-682021
91 484 2575682 (Res), 09447609478 (Mob)


Dr. S. Sugunan received B. Sc special and M. Sc degree from University of Kerala in 1971 and 1973. He was awarded Ph. D in Chemistry from Kerala University in 1977. He started his career as a lecturer in the Department of Applied Chemistry, CUSAT in 1977. He was promoted as Professor in 1992. He served the department as Head of the Department from 2001-2004. He retired from service in 2011. He has also worked as UGC BSR Faculty fellow for three years (2012-15). Now he is working as adjunct faculty in the Department of Applied Chemistry from 2015 onwards.
During his service, he operated many research projects sponsored by UGC, CSIR, KSCSTE, BRNS, DRDO, DST and IREL.
He was awarded Vasudev award for the best scientific project sponsored by KSCSTE (Govt. of Kerala) in 1992.
His major research areas are catalysis by metal oxides, spinels, perovskites, zeolites, pillared clays, sulphated metal oxides, enzyme catalysis, photo catalysis and catalysis by nanomaterials, mesoporous silica etc

  • Ph. D thesis supervised : 42
  • Ph.D thesis under progress : 3
  • Research publications National/International) : 188


Member, UGC Visiting Committee

Subject Expert, UPSC

Expert Committee Member, CSIR

Member, Board of Studies, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad.

Member, Board of   Studies, University of Mysore

Member, Board of Studies, University of Mangalore

Member, Board of Studies, MG University

Member, Board of Studies, Calicut University

Member, Board of Studies, Kannur University

Member, Board of Studies, Lady Doah College, Madurai

Member, Board of Studies, St. Therasas College, Ernakulam

Member, Board of Studies, SB College Changanassery

Chairman, Board of Studies in Chemistry, CUSAT

Expert Committee Member, BRNS

Expert Committee Member, KSCSTE.


Delivered lectures in various colleges and universities in South India.

Served/Serving as resource person in refresher courses conducted by different universities/colleges.


 Journal Catalysis

Journal of Molecular Catalysis

Journal of Porous Materials

Catalysis Today

Catalysis Communications

Research Publications (Click Here for a List)

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Teaching Area

  • M.Sc. Applied Chemistry
  • M.Phil. Chemistry

Teaching Interest

  • Quantum mechanics
  • Group theory
  • Thermodynamics
  • Reaction dynamics
  • Chemical kinetics
  • Electrochemistry
  • Surface chemistry
  • Heterogeneous catalysis


Vasudev Award for the best Scientific Research Project Sponsored By the State Committee on Sci, Tech and Environment C, Govt. Of Kerala 1992.



  1. Electron donor properties of rare earth oxides, sponsored by STEC, Govt. of Kerala.1986-89
  2. Acidic & catalytic properties of rare earth oxides, sponsored by STEC, Govt. of Kerala.1992-95
  3. Electron donating properties & catalytic activity of V2O5 supported on rare earth oxides, sponsored by AICTE, New Delhi.1998-2001
  4. Studies on Zeolite catalysis in the synthesis of Linear alkyl benzenes, UGC.2001-2004
  5. Studies on catalysis by Enzymes immobilized on montmorillonite, CSIR.2001-2004
  6. Studies on catalysis by spinels containing transition metal ions, DST.2003-2006
  7. Zeolite catalysis in the synthesis of Linear alkyl benzenes, KSCSTE,Govt. of Kerala.2003-2006
  8. Studies on catalysis by Copper chromites on the thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorite,CSIR.2007-2010
  9. Studies on photocatalysis by nanotitania in Pollution control, BRNS.2007-2010
  10. Pillared clay catalysed green route for the synthesis of phenol in aqueous media, KSCSTE.2007-2010
  11. Catalysis by nano crystalline ceria modified with transition metals IRELTDC.2007-2010
  12. Studies on photocatalysis by nanotitania for detoxification of water containing Pollutants, DRDO.2007-2010