Dr. P. A. Unnikrishnan


Dr. P. A. Unnikrishnan
Assistant Professor in Organic Chemistry
Department of Applied Chemistry

e-mail: paunni (at)
Ph. +91 98462 95151

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  • CUSAT, Ph. D. 1989
  • CUSAT, M.Sc. 1981
  • University of Kerala, B.Sc. 1979


  • Lectuter/Assistant Professor, Dept. of Applied Chemistry 2001-
  • Technical Officer, CUSAT, 1985-2001


  • Synthetic and Mechanistic Organic Chemistry


  • Synthesis and transformations
  • Development of novel reagents

Ph. D.– awarded

  1. Novel [3+2]annulation reaction of Nitrones with Burgess Reagent and a few related reactions, Sajitha T. S., September, 2014.
  2. Synthesis and Photochemical Transformations of a few Tethered Barrelenes, Eason M. Mathew,  January, 2014.
  3. Photochemical and Photophysical Studies of a few Bischromophoric Systems, Gisha George, September, 2010. 

Ph. D.- ongoing

  1. Synthesis and Transformations of few amine appended anthracenes and related compounds, Tomson Devassia.
  2. Design and synthesis of selected targets with desired properties: Bischromophoric systems, Shandev, P. P.
  3. Photochemical and Photophysical Studies of a few multichromophoric Systems, Saumya T. S.
  4. Synthesis and reaction of a few 9-alkenylanthraene derivatives and its reaction towards insitu generated benzyne, Aswathi C. S.


  1. “Synthesis and Applications of Novel Cyclic Burgess Reagent Analogues.”- CSIR-funded research project (Coinvestigator, Completed in 2004)
  2. “Investigations on controlling the selectivity of photochemical transformations.”- DRDO- supported research project (Coinvestigator, Completed in 2006).
  3. “An Improved Method for the Synthesis of Nitriles with PEG-Supported Burgess Reagent.”- CSIR- aided research project (Principal Investigator, ongoing).
  4. “Sigmatropic rerrangements in the synthesis of flavour and fragrance substances” – UGC funded minor research project (Principal Investigator, completed in 2003) 

Membership in Academic /University bodies

Member, Board of Studies, Applied Chemsitry

Organization of seminar /symposia

• Coordinator of the workshop National Science Day-2014 (Sponsored by KSCSTE, Kerala and Supported by DST, Government of India), 15 February 2014.
• Convener of the National Symposium on Current Trends in In Organic Chemistry, CTriC-2008” held at the Department of Applied Chemistry, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi during 16-17 January 2008.
• Coordinator of the seminar on Quality enhancement education through Concurrent instructional services, CUSAT, 20 December 2005.
• Coordinator of the workshop on e-Learning ( e-Lcusat2002) CUSAT, May 2002.


  1. Metal-free synthesis of highly substituted quinolines under mild conditions, Rakesh Natarajan, Peruparambil A. Unnikrishnan, Sandhya Radhamani b, John P. Rappai ,Sreedharan Prathapan., Tetrahedron Lett., 2016.
  2. Anthracen-9-yl)methyl sulfides as a mechanistic probe for chemical as well as photochemical electron-transfer reactions, Reshma Gopalakrishnan, Jomon P. Jacob, Sa ada Farhana T. Moideen, Ligi M. Lalu, Perupparampil A. Unnikrishnan, and Sreedharan Prathapan*., ARKIVOC, 2015.
  3. Ground and excited-state electron-transfer reactions of a few (anthracen-9-yl)methanamines: A comparative study, Jomon P. Jacob, Ligi M. Lalu, Reshma Gopalakrishnan, Rekha R. Mallia, Perupparampil A. Unnikrishnan, and Sreedharan Prathapan*., ARKIVOC, 2015
  4. A New Method for the Synthesis of 3-Substituted Indoles, Rakesh Natarajan · John P. Rappai · Peruparampil A. Unnikrishnan · Sandhya Radhamani · Sreedharan Prathapan, synlett., 2015.
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